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Our History

Originally our store was built in 1913 as a bakery.


But in 1935 Harry Vicars took the building over and converted it  into a fish and chips store. My Dad, John Vandekemp, bought the store in 1961 and our family has been running it ever since then.Times have changed, equipment changed, cost of everything has changed but today we still produce delicious, classic fish and chips. Plus a few new additions.


Business hasn’t always been smooth sailing though. A devastating event happened in the life of the store in 1988. On January 22, in the middle of the night, fire broke out at the front of the store. An old space heater malfunctioned. The store pretty much burst into flames and the fire department called my Dad. Both of us came to meet the fire dept. It was not a good time for this to happen. Not that you want to fight a fire at all, but the engagement party for Judy and me was planned for the next day.


Well, it took about a year and a half for us to rebuild the store. But, guess what? The first few days after we opened on May 3, 1989...the store was crazy busy. People were excited to see the store back. They missed us. Judy actually worked 12 hour days for 3 weeks before delivering our first child – Rebecca. Such dedication.


We’re really thankful for how God has blessed us and the store. God’s kept us together and serving our customers – many who’ve become more than just loyal customers. They’ve become friends.


~ Harry and Judy

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